What A Great Time Had By All!

The 2023 South Bay Art Association Board was proud to bring back the annual tradition of our judged membership exhibit with this years judged, Anu Annam. After a few years absence due to COVID, the work was spectacular, and competition was fierce in the categories of Photography, Oil, Watercolor, Mixed Media, Acrylic, and Ceramics/ Sculpture. The event took place over Memorial Day weekend at the Bellport Community Center, to keep with the decades long tradition that the South Bay founders began.


Before we dive into the good stuff, I have to take a moment and thank ALL of the volunteers who helped make this possible. Without the help with curating the show, creating the brochure, drop off, set up, sitting through the show, setting up with the reception, and take down, NONE of this would have been possible for all of us and the community to enjoy.

So to Casey Greene, Loretta Oberheim, Holly Hunt, Mariann Anderson, Michael Lombardi, Gisela Skoglund, Linda Lee, Sally Pezza, Jennifer Lucas, Amanda Camps, Nora Franzese, Letizia Franzese, Deb Domingos, Linda Lee, Mark Propper and Ken Korb, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Now Onto The Show…

Our judge, Anu Annam, spent hours reviewing each piece intensely, making the difficult decision to place 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each category, and than choosing Best in Show! In case you missed it, the results are below!

The Reception

The reception was another BIG hit. It was great to see so many SBAA members and people of the community come together to view the work on display. Everyone in attendance agreed that the atmosphere was electric and uplifting. Not one negative thing could be said. The turn out was incredible. It was a constant flow of people through out the evening conversing with the artists about their techniques and inspiration for each piece.

So many memorable moments occurred over Memorial Day Weekend. But two that stuck, had to be seeing our Corresponding Secretary, Claudia Mirzaali, out and about after getting into a boxing match with an SUV back in November. Then when 2nd Place Watercolor Winner Michael Lombardi announced how much he loved us all as he exited the community center.

Honestly, the entire evening was spectacular. The flowers from Good Morning Bellport. The coffee from Brewport Coffee House. The delicious cheeses from The Cheese Patch. All the goodies everyone brought. Rosanne O’Reilly’s granddaughter coloring with Beatrice Greene. The laughter and appreciation of the friendships that have been formed through creativity. You really couldn’t have ask for a better event!

Weren’t able to get your hands on a brochure?