This past Thursday, August 18th, 2022, South Bay Art Association members, friends and family met at the Brewport Coffee House in Bellport Village, NY to celebrate an amazing the solo exhibition by SBAA member, Christie Jones.

A Little bit about Jones…

Christie Jones is a fine artist based on Long Island, New York. Mostly self-taught, Jones works under the business name Swell Anchor Studio. Inspired by coasts & conservation, her work touches on mental health & climate change advocacy. Using the natural materials and typically working within the circular form she creates meditative work primarily in watercolor. Her popular abstract series, titled Impressions features abstract marks made with her handmade watercolor paints captured during the paint making process. In 2021 she created a shell recycling program, picking up discarded shells from local restaurants that would normally dispose them where they’d wind up in a landfill. Sanitizing them, she repurposes these shells into vessels to hold her handmade watercolor paints. Repurposing waste into packaging, using natural & local materials to create these paints, she offers them in limited batches inspiring others in their creativity.

Learn more about Christie Jones’ processes here…

To learn more about Christie’s process, art , or to sign up for her handmade watercolor subscriptions, visit her site:

Creatives & Coffee

The evening was a great success !  It was wonderful to see the intermingling of SBAA members, Christie’s family / friends and Brewport Coffee House frequenters. Attendees hit the counter to order a delicious treat from Brewport ( how could you not !) and then had a chance to check out Christie’s exhibit as well as her “pop up” table, that housed more one of a kind treasures. The night was truly about celebrating and also learning from Christie. The creative way that she explores the processes of making watercolors as well as her captivating ways of creating inspired all who attended.

As always, thank you to Brewport Coffee House for being one of our satellite galleries and supporting the local arts! We could not have done it without Keith, Joe and all the amazing friendly staff!

Missed the reception …?

Do not worry ! this exhibition will be up for view and purchase through September at Brewport Coffee House, be sure to check it out and support local !

Brewport Coffee House

 129 S Country Rd

Bellport, NY 11713