Tan·gi·ble – /ˈtanjəb(ə)l/ adjective

  1. perceptible by touch.
  2. a thing that is perceptible by touch.

“TANGIBLE”, a solo exhibition by SBAA’s very own Loretta Oberheim not only highlights, but celebrates all that is non-traditional and multimedia.

Full of powerful color and unique handling of texture and form, this solo exhibition has all the hallmarks of Oberheim’s one of kind artistic handwriting.

An Artist Statement from Loretta…

“As someone who lives with a Traumatic Brain Injury, words are sometimes extremely difficult to find. Yet I can express my exact thoughts and emotions in what I chose to create. This is probably why I do not stick to one specific type of medium, as my brain is constantly spinning, along with my emotions, so I keep my options open. 

Art is not just something beautiful for me to make, to place on a wall. It has become a healing form of communication between me and the viewer. My “disability” has become my muse, my mentor, which has allowed for this ever-evolving style of contemporary abstract expressionism I never knew I could create.”

If you would like to learn more about Loretta’s process or see more of her work, visit https://www.lorettaoberheimart.com

Art Speaks Where Words Are Unable to Explain.

Contemporary Abstract Expressionism, Cheese & Community

The evening was an incredible success! It was warming to see SBAA members converse along with Loretta’s family and friends. All who attended were captivated by the collection of mixed media beauties on exhibit, and all enjoyed the opportunity to converse with Oberhiem first hand on how she creates them. The room was buzzing with talk of art products, processes, tools and implements needed to create these tactile works. The reception celebrated Loretta’s admirable dedication to continue creating, and exploring, and I know that I at least, left feeling inspired !

As always, thank you to The Cheese Patch for being one of our satellite galleries and supporting the local arts! We could not have done it without Paige, and her amazing wine and the incredible cheese platter that kept us all happy!