About the artist

Anthony Graziano is a gifted fine art photographer, author, educator and advocate for preservation who has captured the beauty of nature through his photography for over 30 years.

He believes that our bonds to the natural world are instinctual and we are drawn to nature as an emotional refuge and as a means of spiritual renewal. His hope is that his work brings the viewer a sense of peace while creating deeper awareness and increased passion to protect our fragile environment.

As an artist, Anthony’s vision flows from what is perceived to what is felt and finally, to what is seen. His photographic approach often involves spending extended periods of time within a location to experience its unique energy before creating an image. The result is striking in its simultaneous ability to be both emotionally calming and visually stimulating. The vibrant color palette, layering and creative use of light are arresting and combine to convey a true sense of serenity.

Anthony’s artistic vision and creative approach succeed in the very rare quality of capturing a true awareness of time and place that draw us into his images allowing the viewer to “experience “the beauty of the natural world.

Website: agrazianophoto.com

IG: @ agrazianophoto

FB: agrazphoto

some of the artists works

Top Left: Wind Swept Shore, Top Right: The Joy of Silence, Top Right Center: Lazy Daze, Bottom Left: Going Home, Bottom Right: East End Sunset