About the artist

Casey Greene is a local artist from Long Island, NY. She studies and explores in many different mediums but as of recently has found a home in watercolor and mixed media.

Key inspirations of Greene’s work include, fantasy, history, mythology and folk culture. As an artist, she has said “…I always look to bring a bit of magic to the ordinary”. Many of her works explore and romanticize the everyday connections to the past in whimsical colors and patterns.

Her work has been featured in local galleries and boutiques across Long Island, focusing mainly on the South shore area, where she is from.

Website: cgreeneart.squarespace.com

IG: seagreene_art

FB: cgreene

some of the artists works

Top Left: March, Top Center: April, Top Right: October, Bottom Left: Golden Swans, Bottom Right: Romeo and Juliet