About the artist

I’ve been involved with art and all of its mediums most of my life, and you can say it’s a natural gift, as my whole family for many generations had been involved in the art world.

My love for the medium, clay, started around seventeen years ago, when I took my first wheel throwing class. Since then I have taken multiple classes with many teachers in different studios. However, due to having two children and being an ICU nurse, my time and attention was limited for developing my art. However, I kept at it on and off all these, and I found my passion for the medium grow. Now being retired, my time and attention have been devoted to all aspects of clay: from hand building to my most loved, wheel throwing. I also now translate this love to others as a teacher at the Brick Studio in St. James.

When I am creating I find all time and thought suspended. All that exists is me and the clay. As I create I hope that the pieces I make show the joy, beauty, and love I have for this art; and that the functionality of it brings joy in its use for not only myself but others.

some of the artists works