Sometimes all it takes is a line from a book, a lyric from a song, or viewing architecture, and the creative mind finds its artistic inspiration.
     These are a few of the many things that spark Casey Greene’s creativity. “As an artist, I strive to create work that brings joy, comfort, or emotion to others. I endeavor to inspire, and I always look to bring a bit of magic to the ordinary.”
     Casey is driven by two different sources, “one is idea, the other is medium.” Seeing something or hearing something can plant that idea. Inspiration from medium then comes onto play. She loves to create something from nothing. And if she found herself with random materials, that was the inspiration she needed to create with it.
     Casey’s mediums of choice include acrylic, watercolor, Japanese watercolor, mixed media, colored pencils and ink…and found objects. “If I got it, I use it,” she quips. “I love color, rich tones and bold lines, so anyway I can achieve my end goal I will, not always traditionally.”
     Having several creative people and artists in her extended family, Casey had access to different mediums to help her express the message she wanted to convey.
     Her artistic journey started off self-taught. Encouraged by her high school teachers, Casey pursued the arts, and received an A.A.S. Degree in Fine Arts and Design from The Fashion Institute of Technology.
     “I have always created art, [for] as long as I could remember,” she says. “I believe it was [and] is a great tool for myself to process various-ranging experiences in my life; some very troubling and some of my most favorite moments.”
     “Being a person, who is living and thriving with mental illness, I have found a home in art at a young age. It is important to me to give back to the artist community…” she says. “I think it’s important for people to not forget that children, and adults alike, sometimes need extra help and are dealing with things you might not know, and that for some people art may be their way to combat those situations.”
     What is Casey’s method to her creativity? Well, as she puts it, she’s pretty much “willy-nilly” when it comes to creating. She’s following the ‘basic rules’, but also experimenting, and trying new things. If she’s working on a piece that’s based on a person, place or story, Casey will read up on it and find out as much as she could about it. Then make lists of things that intrigued her the most, and any Iconography or colors she would like to include in the piece. Her favorite subjects include animals, people, folklore and symbols. She loves to capture expressions, the history, or the personification of a feeling.
    Casey’s current collection of work in process is called “Lore.” She’s taking a yearlong creative journey, which was started January, where she will complete a new piece each month drawing elements of various lore, fact and myths, that are associated with the month it represents. In addition to using historical references, Casey polls her social media followers monthly for a modern perspective.
     Her advice to fellow artists? “Sometimes ruining a piece is worth it.”  Adding, that by changing what you are doing in a piece may be scary, but if you keep going over the same lines or steps, you’ll never get a different result. Also, “being OK with the idea of drawing what you see, vs. what you think you see, and celebrate being someone who knows that there is a difference.”
     Keeping reading and listening Casey. And celebrating creativity. We look forward to you sharing your journey with us.
     Those interested in being a part of “Lore” and potentially help guide her to her end product, please follow Casey @seagreene_art.