Bellport and Beyond on a beautiful, sunshine filled Thursday evening!

This past Thursday South Bay Art Association celebrated watercolor artist and SBAA Board Member, Jennifer Lucas of Beach Oak Designs, at Brewport Coffee House, in Bellport Village. Her solo exhibit Bellport and Beyond, focuses on her extraordinary ability to capture the south shore living of Long Island that ranges from our own homes to the sea life that makes our island so special.

Who is Jenn Lucas?

Jennifer Lucas is a local artist that works primarily in watercolors. The pieces she currently has on display at Brewport Coffee House showcases her range of ability to capture the personality of ones home, to the technical lobster illustration that is a great conversation starter.

Through her work, you are able to witness her training in not only art, but also in natural sciences. Her appreciation for both and marrying the two together comes through and is on full display for all to witness. Not only does she enjoy creating this work herself, but she also enjoys sharing her knowledge and teaches classes at CEED in Brookhaven.

Artist, Jennifer Lucas

Tell Me More About This Reception

It was an evening full of laughter and Butterfly Refreshers! Jenn came with extra pieces that showed the extent of her talent of capturing the botanical and scientific illustration of the world around her.

She spoke in depth about her process and how she goes about her work, not only the illustrations of florals, sea creatures, or even bones that she finds, but the commission pieces of homes and furry friends that people ask her to create.

Jenn also educated some of us on her usage of giclee prints and her reasonings for choosing that process in the recreation of her works verses other types of prints. Overall it was another successful, lovely evening, enjoyed by all who attended.

Want to See Jenn’s Work In Person?

Jenn’s pieces will be on display at Brewport Coffee House (129 South Country Rd, Bellport, NY 11713) until the end of April. Some of her pieces are for purchase. So go check out a stunning show, support a local artist, and a great local business!

You can also see more of Jenn’s work at her website and on her social media.

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