About the artist

Jenny Ink is a NY based mixed media artist who takes inspiration from the cities she’s lived in and visited, celebrating the diversity of people and her love of music. Her work is recognized for using strong, vibrant colors, markings, gestures and motifs to portray a divergence of street imagery through everyday people and their counterpoint.

Multilayering and deconstructing are key to this artists creativity she explores building textures within her paintings through a variety of materials intricately fusing collage with her impasto painting techniques. She mixes things up to uncover unexpected beauty in people and places that may have been misunderstood, underrepresented or unnoticed.

Website: www.jennyinkart.com

IG: @ paintedladystudiojennyink

some of the artists works

Top lt: BettyD2, Top middle: Scene, Top rt: Funk, Bottom lt: AI-Hardware, Bottom rt: Preservation Hall