About the artist

John DiNaro

John was born in London, twin son of an American soldier and an English war bride. At six months, Bellport LI became home. Growing up on the water has shaped John’s life forever. His playground was the marshes, woodlands and bays of LI. He studied Oceanography at Humboldt State and then returned home to work as a commercial clammer on the Great South Bay. His maritime adventures significantly influenced his artwork. Many themes of boating, sea life and the natural world are featured in his sculptures and show his love of all things of the sea.

Appreciation for humanity has guided John’s career and spiritual journey; through working with school students as an artist-in-residence, educating teachers in his artistic style, sponsoring apprentices at his workshop and guiding others through their own journey of creativity.

Website: johndinaro.com

some of the artists works

Top Left: Wind Beneath Wings, Top Center: Earth Keeper, Top Right: Seal, Bottom Left: Mariah,
Bottom Right: The Brothers