This past Wednesday evening, award winning watercolorist, Lorraine Rimmelin gave an inspiring tutorial to our South Bay Art Association membership.

Who is Lorraine Rimmelin?

Watercolorist, Lorraine Rimmelin

Lorraine Rimmelin is a New York based artist residing on the South Shore of Long Island in Mastic Beach.

Lorraine uses an explosion of colors and shapes to capture the likeness of flowers, animals and landscapes. As she finds juxtapositions in groups of flowers or in the shapes of a sunrise, she captures the essence of these images as she develops her paintings.

Lorraine is a much sought after educator who has a friendly & easy style of sharing her watercolor skills in the classroom.

Lorraine is a signature member of the North East Watercolor Society. She has had her watercolor paintings displayed in several prestigious galleries including a one woman show in the Windows Gallery in New York City which showcased her ‘Blood Flowers’ collection

What Was The Focus of Her Workshop?

During her tutorial, Lorraine showed our members the steps she takes to create her gorgeous negative space floral paintings.

Shockingly enough, these beautiful pieces begin as just watercolor splatters on her 140lb, cold press paper. She then used a straw (yes you read that right, a straw) to create organic flowing bursts of color. Those bursts would then magically become a one of a kind piece, that could never be replicated.

Lorraine explained how she gets lost in finding the shapes. As soon as she sees one flower, the rest just flow, and she becomes mesmerized in the process. Which was easy to see, as she had her audience of fellow artists captivated for her entire class!

What Makes a Successful Piece?

The key to this seems to be open to making mistakes. To not have a plan, but to develop the art as it appears to you. As she held her trusty squirrel haired/synthetic brushes, you could see other artists following at home, brushes in hand, eager to learn!

She also stressed the importance of color and its progression. How the palette really does set the mood for the artwork you are creating. A yellow and white floral will feel light and airy, while a monochromatic blue floral could feel moody yet mysterious. To create a successful negative floral, you need to focus on the lights, then progressively move towards darker hues.

What is incredible about Lorraine, well one thing at least, is how well she explains her craft. Even through zoom, you felt like you were right there in her Patchogue studio, having a one on one demonstration. Her love for what she creates is palpable and infectious.

How Can I learn More About Lorraine?

To learn more about Lorraine, and the workshops she teaches via zoom once a month, check out her website

To understand more about the basics of negative shape painting, view Lorraine’s YouTube Video below!

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