About the artist

Maria is a second generation American, Brooklyn born and raised. Always drawing and creating since childhood, she considers herself fortunate to have her skills developed attending a New York City high school.

Erasmus Hall High was an excellent academic institution that doubled as an art and music mini school at that time. There she was given exposure and instruction to ceramics, painting, photography and mixed media by wonderful practicing artists.

While raising her family on Long Island and working as a clinical medical assistant/phlebotomist, Maria always made time for art. Now retired she devotes her time to watercolors and mixed media. Maria’s love of the beaches and bays she has lived with all her life, as well as animals and nature are evident in the majority of her work today.

You can view many examples of her work on Instagram at mariaboylan_art.

IG: @mariaboylan_art

FB: maria gradilone boylan

some of the artists works