About the artist

Mariann Anderson is a watercolor artist that lives in Patchogue, Long Island.

Mariann’s parents met during the Korean war. Her Dad, a soldier in Germany. It was there she met Renate, a German citizen while she was working in a shoe store and he came in to get some shoelaces.

Mariann spent many summers in Germany visiting her grandparents as a child. Her grandparents would
often take her to the forest for walks and to explore. They loved nature and their fondness for the woods
and animal life influenced Mariann.

As a child and young adult, her pastime was spent drawing animals and she continued her love of nature
with camping, especially in the Catskill mountains.

Mariann still enjoys spending time in or around natural environments. Her love of birds, especially, has influenced her artwork. She enjoys sketching with the Patchogue Sketch group.
At this time, Mariann is trying some new techniques with art, such as experimenting with abstracts and collage.

IG: marianne.anderson.1

some of the artists works