About the artist

Melissa Harris of Sol Kitchen Clay is a small batch studio potter making functional work in Bayport, NY. She finds inspiration in both the natural outdoor and the human-made world of her coastal community, as well as the forests of Pennsylvania where she raised her family.

Her curiosity about abandoned places and objects leads her to create work that is tactile and weathered, featuring a variety of subject matter. She considers her work to be always evolving.

Melissa believes that everyday vessels, such as mugs, cups and bowls, are intimate objects that become part of our daily life. Each is made with a great deal of care and intention. Her work is meant to be used.

Melissa’s work has an energy and spiritedness that is passed on through the artisan to the vessel, and continues to the user. Her mission is to elevate the everyday acts of of eating and drinking into an opportunity for self care. She believes that using her pottery can nourish your soul. Making it, nourishes hers.

Website: solkitchenclay.com

IG: solkitchen

FB: Sol Kitchen Clay

some of the artists works

Top left: Wild Clay, Left Center: Lichen Snack Plate, Top Right: Retreating Wave Group, Bottom Left: Buoy 3, Bottom Right: Pop Art Poppies