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Holly Hunt

Holly Hunt

Biographical Info Holly began chasing her hobby as an urban explorer two decades ago, but one cold day in 2013, she decided to incorporate her love of urban exploration with her passion of photography. For the first time ever, she brought her camera along with her into an abandoned psychiatric hospital. As she crawled into a dark, narrow hole in the ground, and entered a basement full of cobwebs, debris, falling plaster, and rotted wood, something wonderful transpired. In that moment, her collection, Abandoned Beauties, was born. Abandoned Beauties has been showcased exclusively in the New York metropolitan area for the past three years. Her photography has also been exhibited at Huntington Heckscher Museum of Art. Holly continues to travel and explore those places that most fear; sometimes capturing the last photograph before these abandoned places are forgotten or demolished. In 2020, Holly wrote and published her book “Exploring Home”: a autobiographical photo book that includes 100 pieces of her photography collection paired with 100 vignettes about her life’s story. . Website:

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