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Jeff Macholz

Jeff Macholz

Biographical Info My photography journey began around age 18 when I was given an old, used fully-manual Yashica film SLR camera. Color film and processing was expensive so black and white film was my medium. I learned darkroom techniques for developing film and prints. The next camera was an automatic Minolta XD-11 film SLR but I stopped photographing when that camera broke for the second time. After several years (raising a family, work, etc) I purchased a Nikon N80 film SLR in 2000 to resume my photography journey and began shooting digital in 2003. I am mainly self taught through experimentation with cameras and lighting, reading books, and online training for software programs (Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom). I have also learned mat cutting and framing, and mat and frame all my work in my home office. I have recently purchased a new mirrorless camera with higher resolution and better low light capability. My main focus is on landscape photography but I also enjoy wedding, people and equestrian photography. Jeff Macholz Photography, LLC was established in 2009 in order to further my love for photography.

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