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Jeremy Grand

Jeremy Grand

Biographical Info I am a multidisciplinary artist currently working with pen and ink illustrations, selling prints and commissions through my web business OddHand. Past media includes screenprinting, collage, papercut light boxes and illustrations, painting, cartooning, and analog photography. I’ve had a lifelong relationship with art, always learning new techniques through self-education post-undergraduate. My professional work is mainly through commissions and original art print sales. My style is approachable, detailed, often dreamy and representative of varied themes as religion, dreams, item collections, and vignettes of public spaces and gatherings, with the intention of allowing the viewer to linger and get lost in the fine and relatable details.

Media Type Mixed Media

Portfolio Piece Librarian web watermark.jpg

Portfolio Piece The Gardener rev watermarked.jpg

Portfolio Piece record swap web web watermark.jpg

Portfolio Piece Valhalla web watermark.jpg

Portfolio Piece Dont Cry web watermark.jpg

Portfolio Piece After the Storm web watermark.jpg

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