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Valerie Biscardi

Valerie Biscardi

Biographical Info A lot of people ask me if I’ve always known how to paint. The answer is “no way”! I drew a little as a kid, but nothing nearly organized or accomplished. I started painting after I retired early due to living with Fibromyalgia and chronic daily Migraines. I attended a paint night with a few friends and got absolutely hooked. Taking lessons have been part of my journey ever since. I found that I can throw myself into painting and forget my pain for a little awhile. In the past few years, I’ve sold dozens of painting in acrylics and oils and I am just as surprised as anyone else might be ! I also make jewelry…something else I throughly enjoy. So don’t ever be afraid of what life puts in front of you. You just might find your passion!

Media Type Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor

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