About the artist

I started drawing at a very young age and my first ambition was to be a fashion designer. I studied art with Deward Eades at Bellport High School in the 1960’s and was accepted into the School of Visual Arts in NYC.

I chose to forego that opportunity and pursued a different career path, but I continued my art education by taking classes in adult ed, and with local artists Rafael deSoto, Gerald Grace and Joanne Powell.

Years later I enrolled at SCCC, then transferred to SUNY Farmingdale where I earned an AAS degree in Advertising Art and Design. I freelanced for four years with a local advertising company and learned the elements of computer design, but then returned to my previous occupation until my retirement. At that point, I had developed a passion for photography, which remains my major creative outlet, but I also dabble in pastels and computer design work for local organizations.

My involvement with SBAA spans decades and I served as its Treasurer for six years. I will always have a deep appreciation for SBAA and all that it brings to the community and its members.

some of the artists works

Left: Amethyst Cottage, Right Top: Amaryllis, Right Bottom: Conway, SC – RR Cars