About the artist

Rebecca Jonas is an award-winning fine art photographer, specializing in black and white photography. She uses powerful subject matter that is carefully selected for its symbolism, often concentrating on the juxtaposition of such. Jonas harnesses raw emotion to build thought-provoking narratives within her images.

She has been published as a featured artist in fine art and photography magazines worldwide, including NOIR, Aesthetica, Fine Eye Magazine, International Photography Black & White, and Art of the Mundane. She is a fifteen-time recipient of the “Masterpiece Certificate of Achievement” from the International Photography Black and White Group. She is also a recipient of the Silver Camera Award – Photographer of the Year 2022 from NOIR magazine.

Website: www.rebeccajonasphotography.com

IG: @rebeccajonasphotography

some of the artists works

Top lt: Cracks In Your Foundation, Top lt bottom: Light of Mourning, Top rt: Relativity, Bottom lt: Everything and Nothing Makes Sense, Bottom rt: Things We Tell No One